Arranging Prenuptial Agreements in NJ

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The laws regarding Prenuptial, Postnuptial, and Mid-Marriage Agreements are ever-changing. A prenuptial agreement in NJ is a document that is signed before a marriage that addresses the rights and obligations of the couple should they be divorced later. The negotiation of a prenuptial agreement is tricky since, in essence, it requires reaching an agreement as to the terms of a possible divorce at a time in people’s lives when they should be happiest and focused on only positive emotions. An attorney who is too heavy-handed in the negotiations could cause the disruption of marriage, while too light of touch by an attorney may lead to an inadequate agreement that does not address all of the couple’s concerns. Just the right touch is necessary for a prenuptial agreement to be properly negotiated. Strict rules exist as to the criteria that must be satisfied in order for a prenuptial agreement to be upheld years later. Irene Shor, Esq. has negotiated hundreds of prenuptial agreements over the years and has the knowledge to ensure that your prenuptial agreement stands up to scrutiny years after your marriage.

A postnuptial agreement, also called a mid-marriage agreement or antenuptial agreement, is an agreement that is negotiated after a couple is married, usually at a time when one of the people is considering divorce. The legal standard for these agreements is very different than the rules for prenuptial agreements since the possible duress faced by one of the parties raises a consideration for the Courts. A postnuptial agreement must be negotiated with precision to detail in order to make sure that it is enforced should the couple ultimately be divorced. Only years of experience can provide family law practitioners with the knowledge necessary to properly draft an enforceable document. With twenty (20) years of experience, Irene Shor, Esq. has the requisite experience to help you achieve your goals.