A Divorce Attorney in NJ Who Is On Your Side

Irene Shor, Esq - Divorce Attorney, NJ

The end of a marriage is a difficult and stressful time. It can be made easier with an experienced divorce attorney in NJ who is ready to provide caring and compassionate legal support and guidance. Irene Shor, ESQ., makes it her goal to provide personalized representation for every client because she knows no two cases are the same.

With over 20 years of experience, Irene realizes divorce is a genuine crisis in people’s lives. That’s why she and her staff only take the number of clients they can deliver personal attention to, so you are assured of being treated like family.

Ready to Stand With You

Irene understands a crisis can occur at any moment, and that is why she is available to you at all hours to address issues in a time-sensitive manner.

She sees her mission as delivering accurate and reliable legal advice for individuals considering divorce and what is expected of them during the process. Irene Shor, ESQ., doesn’t make unfounded promises but delivers meaningful information to smoothly move the process. Her goal is to be an aggressive divorce attorney for reasonable people with unreasonable partners. She has accomplished this in thousands of cases in New Jersey, and she will do it for you.

About Family Law

This law area has impacts that are felt by all family members and extended family members. It can be devastating and it is why Irene limits her case numbers, so she can fully be present for you at these trying times. She uses creative solutions to achieve the best results possible in areas of family law, such as:


Child Custody

Child Support


Domestic Violence

Equitable Distribution


Emergency Applications

Enforcement of Court Orders

Grandparents’ Rights


Municipal Court

Prenuptial Agreements

Post-Judgment Litigation

Post-Nuptial Agreements

Relocation/Removal Cases

Same-Sex Marriage

Workers Compensation & Personal Injury Law

As a divorce attorney, Irene collaborates with other caring lawyers on personal injury cases, workers’ compensation, and municipal court cases. You will have your needs addressed while receiving the personal attention you associate with her firm. Trust Irene to help you create optimal financial plans, parenting calendars, and legal strategies based on your circumstances.

Mediation and Collaborative Divorce

Mediation uses a neutral party to moderate a discussion to lead people to a settlement. Irene Shor, ESQ., should be your first choice for mediation because she is also a family law attorney with in-depth knowledge of the law and its intricacies. Cases that are settled through mediation avoid the hardships and hard work of navigating the court system.

As a divorce attorney who also offers mediation, Irene helps reasonable spouses avoid the stress, pain, and expense of courtroom battles. She is a court-approved mediator and helps individuals resolve disputes in a moderated setting.


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