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Irene Shor, Esq - Divorce Attorney, NJ

After almost 20 years of practicing divorce and family law in NJ, Irene Shor, Esq. started her own firm with her very own brand of personal service. It became clear to Irene that the most important thing for people going through the most traumatic time of their lives is the unfettered support of their divorce attorney. The crisis can strike at any time, and Irene makes herself available to her clients when they need her and not just when it is convenient for her.


Her office phone syncs to her cell phone on weekends and evenings, and she considers herself to be “on call.” Having her own firm gives Irene the freedom to take as many clients as she can handle while providing personal attention to all of them. She would much rather under-promise and overdeliver than allow people to make decisions about their lives without the proper information on what to expect when considering divorce.


Without sufficient knowledge and information about how divorce proceedings can impact an individual, people cannot possibly be expected to make the right choices. Many people do not consider the practical effects of divorce regarding how it will influence the time they will not see their children, where they will live, and how much money they will have.


Irene prides herself on being a true advocate and support system for people who have decided to proceed with a divorce. She supplies her clients with reasonable expectations so they can make real-life choices.


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