When to Consult a Divorce Lawyer in New Jersey

Finding the Right Divorce Attorney

When a marriage comes to an end, it’s an emotionally charged time and can be extremely stressful. The feeling of finalizing an end to a marriage, whether it was because you’re no longer happy or there was a darker reason, you can count on Irene Shor, Esq., to help you through it. Sometimes it’s difficult to know when to consult a divorce lawyer in New Jersey, but rest assured that with Irene’s help, you’ll receive the professional service you need with a vast wealth of experience to navigate the situation.

Filing for divorce is not straightforward, and any tension between partners can make things even less pleasant. There are significant economic and emotional factors that come into play, and it can make dividing assets and determining custody very challenging. A divorce attorney can help mediate and represent you throughout the entire process if you need them to step in for you at any time. 

Moving Forward with Divorce

Divorce can go in two different ways: contested or uncontested. In the case of the latter, uncontested, there is no court involvement because both parties have come to an agreement; alternately, contested divorce means one or both parties cannot agree on the terms, and a court will need to get involved. In either case, Irene is committed to providing clarity, guidance, and support as your divorce attorney to fight for the best possible outcome. Contact her today to learn more about her services.