Hire an Experienced Mediation Attorney for a Smooth Collaborative Divorce in NJ

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Collaborative divorce in NJ involves a neutral individual moderating a discussion between people to lead them to settlement. Your first choice should be Irene Shor, Esq. as your mediation attorney because she is also a family law attorney. She has a command of the law and knowledge of any pitfalls that may arise. Most cases end up settling because of the hardships people face while navigating the court system.


Couples are often forced to spend thousands in legal fees, days in courtrooms, missing work, and time with their children while fighting with their spouses and taking years off their lives from the stress. A collaborative divorce is possible when both parties are reasonable and able to approach divorce without anger, then divorce mediation becomes an excellent option. Irene has been a court-approved mediator for years, helping many people resolve their differences in a moderated setting. Mediation requires a second sense, so to speak, since knowledge of the law is only one factor.


The ability to guide people through their discord or conflict and soothe them into cooperation is imperative for a successful collaborative divorce. Irene ensures that neither party takes advantage of the other, and instead helps to lead the couple through the financial disclosure process without the strife and costs of litigation. Mediation can be an excellent way to address a divorce case or post-divorce issues. However, it is not appropriate in every case, as there cannot be a stark imbalance of power within the couple or any domestic violence issues which would compromise the process.


Couples must be at least somewhat amicable for the process to be successful. One way to eliminate the concern as to the imbalance of power in a relationship is to either have attorneys accompany parties to the mediation or for the parties to hire attorneys on a consulting basis to provide advice between sessions. Call us for a free consultation to see if mediation is right for your family.