Ease the Transition Through A Collaborative Divorce in NJ

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The end of your marriage is a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be a negative, highly charged, bitter situation. Collaborative divorce in NJ is an option when you choose to work with Irene Shor. As she applies her skills as a neutral moderator, your divorce process can be eased thanks to Irene’s unbiased outlook, knowledge, and experience. Attorney Shor can use her talents as a mediation lawyer and her background in family law to help you navigate your case adroitly. Put your trust in her to help alleviate the challenges of going through a divorce.


A Viable Alternative

It’s not out of the ordinary to consider that most divorces are expensive propositions from a time and financial standpoint. Couples can spend thousands in legal fees and miss workdays because of court dates. That doesn’t even take into consideration the stress and strain that children and other family members must deal with as part of the situation. 

Once the enormity and weight of the situation become apparent, that’s when to consult a divorce lawyer who will help you move through the process with as little disruption to your life as possible. That is the meaning of a collaborative divorce. Irene is a seasoned court-approved mediator who has helped many people resolve their differences in a moderated setting. She is waiting to help you navigate your way through any tension you’re experiencing with your divorce.