Municipal Court

Irene Shor officeAt some point during their lives, most people find themselves receiving a Municipal Court Summons. This can be as a result of a moving violation (ie. Speeding ticket), an act of domestic violence (this occurs when the police arrest you for an act of violence, separate and apart from the complaint that your spouse files and which results in a Temporary Restraining Order, an act of indecency, an argument with a neighbor, and many other small infractions.

When people attend Municipal Court on their own, they spend hours waiting in the courtroom to be heard and have the stress of having to deal with a prosecutor and Judge on their own. This can result in fines and even jail time. It is important to have an attorney by your side when appearing in Municipal Court as a result of all of the variables which can occur and the hours of time saved since cases with attorneys are heard first by the Court. Call Irene Shor for representation in connection with your Municipal Court matter.