Seeking Quick Relief with an Emergent Application in NJ

Irene Shor office

The wheels of justice turn slowly in most instances. That’s the nature of the court system, but sometimes they move too slow for your needs. In that instance, you can trust Irene Shor, Esq., to work diligently on your behalf to speed the process along by filing an emergent application in NJ.

In the majority of situations, when you are seeking relief, your lawyer will file a motion with the court. When the need is urgent, and you can’t wait for the court to consider the motion, that’s when this application comes into play. It is essential when the matter is pressing, and there exists the real potential for irreparable harm. The same-day emergent application can be filed with the court, and it is known in New Jersey as an Order to Show Cause.

Specific criteria must be met to bring an Order to Show Cause before the court. Because Irene routinely handles these applications, she can help you during your period of urgency or crisis. Thanks to her wealth of experience, she knows what needs to be done without delay to get the attention necessary for your filing. She is ready today to assist you.