Fighting for Child Custody in NJ

father with child on shoulders

Child custody in NJ is a sensitive topic, especially if two parents are in dispute. As your attorney, Irene Shor, Esq. will work with you to better define your legal rights as a parent. Contact her firm today to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation further.


Simplifying a Complex Situation

Parents who live close to one another can usually create accommodations that allow both custodial and noncustodial parents to enjoy substantial quality time with their children. When parents live further away, this can complicate issues. The vital thing to keep in mind is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution regarding child custody or child support. Each set of parents, children, and circumstances must be treated uniquely.

The best way to find the solutions that work best for your family is to call custody lawyer Irene Shor. She will be able to sit down and discuss your specific needs with you as well as cover the 13 factors that the courts usually consider when assessing custody and parenting time. These 13 factors include:

  • Age & Number of Children
  • Any History of Domestic Violence Between the Parties
  • Child’s Preference, Should the Child Be of Sufficient Capacity & Age
  • Distance Between the Parents’ Homes
  • Factors Relating to the Child’s Education
  • Stability of the Home Environment
  • Fitness of Each Parent
  • Needs of the Child
  • Parents’ Ability to Communicate
  • Parents’ Willingness to Accept Custody
  • Relationship of a Child with Both Parents & Siblings in the Households
  • Safety of the Child &/or Either Parent from Physical Abuse by the Other Parent
  • Quality & Extent of the Time Spent Between Parents & Child Before & After the Legal Separation


Complications in Child Custody Cases

There are two issues that can come up during child custody situations that can lead to litigation. The first is if one of the parents is looking to relocate to another city, state, or country with the child(ren). The other is if there is a breakdown in relations between the parents during the dissolution of the marriage or afterward.

In these situations, Irene is able to step in on your behalf and aggressively advocate for you and your child. She has also served as a court-appointed guardian ad litem in different counties throughout the state and as a parenting coordinator. This makes her uniquely suited to deal with complicated custody issues.