Here When You Need Modification of Court Orders

After a court order or judgment of divorce, people may sometimes require a modification of court orders in Monmouth County or of their existing judgment of divorce. The basis for this is typically a change in circumstances, which may impact any number of provisions in a court order. For example, an alimony modification may be appropriate in the following events:

  • Cohabitation of a Spouse
  • Disability by the Payor or Payee
  • Remarriage of a Spouse
  • Retirement by the Payor or Payee
  • Payor Experiences a Reduction in Income
  • Payor Learns That a Payee Spouse Has Experienced an Increase in Income
  • Various Other Factors

Modifying Orders of Divorce, Child Support, and More

These same factors may impact parents' child support obligations and warrant a change in payments due. A change in circumstances could affect parenting time in a way that may result in more or less of it. Some examples involving the need to alter parenting schedules include but are not limited to:

  • Age of the Child
  • Child's Preference as They Grow Older
  • Disability on the Part of a Parent or Child
  • Distance Between Parents' Homes
  • Request for Removal or Relocation of a Child Out of State

If your circumstances have changed since the last time a court order was entered, do not hesitate to contact Irene Shor, Esq. She has the years of experience necessary to analyze the situation and provide you with meaningful advice you can count on when you move forward with your application for modification of court orders.

court documents being reviewed